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The Canadian Gas Association (CGA) is excited to be hosting the next International Gas Research Conference – IGRC2024 - in beautiful Banff, Alberta in May 2024.

IGRC2024 comes at a pivotal time in Canadian and international energy conversations. Natural gas and its world-class infrastructure have supported economic development, affordable energy options, and energy security for jurisdictions around the world. Furthermore, the use of gas energy and gas infrastructure is forecasted to grow substantially in the next several decades.

However, the energy landscape is a tumultuous one at present – leaders around the world are setting bold emissions reduction targets and many are trying to find a single solution to environmental challenges. At the same time, consumers are increasingly concerned about the availability of reliable and affordable energy to meet their daily needs. 

There is no single fuel or technology that will solve all the world’s challenges. But as Canada’s natural gas industry knows well, gaseous energy and infrastructure will be an essential part of the mix no matter what. Our fuels, our industry’s technical know-how and drive for innovation, and our versatile and resilient energy infrastructure, have been foundational to the extraordinary societal well-being we have achieved in Canada. And they will be key to Canada’s - and the world’s – future well-being.

That future well-being turns on a focus on innovation. The Canadian gas industry has made innovation a major priority: with renewable natural gas (RNG) development, hydrogen production, transportation and blending projects, gas-electric integration, liquefied natural gas (LNG) applications for remote communities, gas heat pump technology, emission management technologies and more. We in Canada want to show what we are doing, but also learn from what others around the world have under way. IGRC2024 will be an opportunity to do both those things.

“The value proposition of gas has supported homes and businesses around the world with clean, affordable and reliable energy” said Timothy M. Egan, President and CEO of the Canadian Gas Association and Chair of NGIF Capital Corporation. “IGRC2024 will be about building on that proposition.” 

Those across the Canadian and global gas and energy sectors are encouraged to join us at IGRC2024. CGA invites all to seize the opportunity to learn how gas and gas infrastructure continue to be a critical part of the solution to the complex energy challenges around the world.

NGIF & IGRC 2024

The International Gas Research Conference (IGRC) has traditionally focused on technology research in the gas sector. The Canadian Gas Association (CGA), as host of IGRC2024, will continue that tradition, but build on it by expanding the content of the event across all technology readiness levels – from research through to demonstration.   

The rationale is tied to the work we have undertaken over the last five years. In that time we have launched, operated and grown the Natural Gas Innovation Fund (NGIF), a granting organization focused on de-risking clean technology development through projects led by startup companies. Now called NGIF Industry Grants (Industry Grants), this original initiative is now part of a bigger enterprise we have created called NGIF Capital Corporation. NGIF Industry Grants advances cleantech solutions that lead to emissions reductions and other environmental benefits, while also supporting the advancement of the industry. These cleantech solutions are typically focused on existing natural gas production, transmission, distribution, storage, and end-use applications, as well as increased production of renewable natural gas and hydrogen. Since its inception, Industry Grants has invested in almost 50 projects with the potential to deliver significant economic and environmental benefits across the value chain. By the time of IGRC2024, we expect to have over 100 projects in the portfolio. 

NGIF Industry Grants is now funded from contributions by 15 leading companies across the gas value chain, including several global players like Shell, Petronas, and Mitsubishi. Last year, we added to it with the creation of NGIF Cleantech Ventures - an equity fund - which has already begun to make investments and will have its own significant portfolio by 2024.

IGRC2024 presents an opportunity to demonstrate the approach we have taken with NGIF, but also a range of companies and technologies that offer promise for our industry.  This showcase on gas technology will begin in advance of IGRC2024, with a webinar series beginning in 2022. CGA and NGIF are excited to highlight the domestic gas industry’s work, but we also want to explore more of the same from around the globe.


  • Ms. Leigh Ann Shoji-Lee, NOC Chair and SC Member (President, Pacific Northern Gas Ltd.)
  • Mr. Mel Ydreos, NOC Honorary Chair (Executive Director LNG2023, Executive Director, Energy Vantage Inc. and Honorary IGU Member
  • Mr. John Adams, NOC Member and Liaison Officer between NOC and IGU R&D&I Committee (President and CEO, NGIF Capital Corporation and Managing Partner, NGIF Cleantech Ventures)
  • Mr. Chris Sankey, NOC Member (Senior Fellow, MacDonald-Laurier Institute & CEO, Blackfish Enterprises)
  • Ms. Karen Ogen-Toews, NOC Member (CEO, First Nations LNG Alliance)
  • Ms. Leah Turner, NOC Member (Director of Public Affairs, Tourmaline)
  • Ms. Shannon Joseph, NOC Member 
  • Mr. Ian Sug, NOC Member (President & CEO, Young Energy Infrastructure Professionals - YEIP)
  • Mr. Rodney Cox, NOC Member (Director of Flagship Events, IGU)
  • Mr. Timothy M. Egan, NOC Member (President and CEO, CGA and Chair, NGIF Capital Corporation)
  • Ms. Julie Gaudreau, NOC Member and SC Member (Executive Director IGRC2024, CGA)